Tannery wool.

Tannery wool:

we collect it from the best tanneries in Morocco, Then we sorted and graded per quality and colour and yield.

Our tannery yields can vary between 60% to 85%. the micron is averaged at 29mic and this wool is best used in carpet in local factories.

Atlas Wool.

Atlas wool:

This name is derived from the region in which it is collected (ATLAS MOUNTAINS). the atlas mountains are famous for its cold weather and snow for months during the year.

The wool is spongy , Long and shiny with extra strength. This wool is best suited for carpets industry. The length is averaged at 85mm and a yield of 55% with a micron of average 28 to 30.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is fine and soft wool , Collected from best areas in Morocco then sorted and graded using manual trained labor to free it from coloured wool and Bio matters. The main characteristics of the wool is that it is long around 70mm and gave a yield of 50% after scouring. the micron is between 23 and 26mic. This wool is suitable for clothing due to its flexibility and softness.